Streetmasters Car Club, formally Enchanted Mountain Rods & Kustoms, is a
non-profit organization and have been hosting car events in the Olean, NY area
since 1973.  In 1975 the name Streetmasters was adopted. Over the years the club
has had many members come and go but one, Frank Jester, has been there since
the start.  At present the club has around 10 active members.  
We have had car shows in city parks, streets, parking lots but are most known
for our Rod and Kustom Round-ups in Gargoyle Park.  During the 1980's we host
over 800 cars 3 years in a row.  That was a major achievement for a small club in
those days.  
Through the years we have donated to countless charities big and small but we
have always favored the small local ones.   They are always deserving and grateful
for any help.  We love Hotrods, Ratrods, Muscle cars, Lead Sled, Kustom.
In 1990, our 15th anniversary show at Gargoyle park, we went all out sparing
no expense.  We had a 3 day show planned, band all three days, food, beverages,
we even had 2 Monster Trucks Crushing Cars on Saturday.  Everything went as
planned until early Saturday evening.  It rained, Noah's Arc type rain.  It lasted all
night and most of the day Sunday.  There was water everywhere.  The amazing
part, nearly every show car was there on Sunday.  No spectators but we had cars.  
After that it took a long time to get the funds even.  We had spent nearly $30,000
on that show and after paying expenses, we were in the hole thousands.
Since then we have remained true to tradition only on a smaller scale.  We always
want people to have good time, enjoy the hobby and enjoy each others company.

the big show were over